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Corporate security services in san francisco and bay area

Security Services for Your Business

Corporate Security ServicesIt is a well-known fact that while you are running business to make life on the globe easier, other people in turn are ready to do almost anything to make your own life harder. The looming possibilities of terrorism, vandalism, information theft keep haunting you like nightmares. You are exhausted and worn down to pieces, thinking how to keep them away. Why do someone else’s job? You can leave your headaches to the Armada Security Company, and return to your own duties. Here is the list of the some, but not all of advantages our security company offers.

We stay on guard 24 hours a day. Unlike people, business never sleeps, and it needs protection all over the clock. 

Our monitoring devices can spy a mouse, sleeping peacefully under the floor.
We provide highly competent and meticulously trained security guards.
We are keen to provide our services on long-time basis. Most of our clients are with us from the very beginning.

We are always trying to keep at the state-of-the-art level.

Our corporate security services are targeted to the following objects:

Government services. There are many government institutions present in San Francisco. Security services of the highest professional level are needed to ensure complete confidentiality. Our agents are competent just enough
Office buildings, corporate headquarters and warehouses. Your company headquarters will be safe from vandalism, intrusions of any kind, and information leaks will not occur.

Banks. Stealing financial information often results in huge losses. We provide effective surveillance equipment and guards, and provide fail-safe access control.

Research Laboratories. San Francisco is not only the leading financial center and also a powerful magnet for all sorts of tourists from all over the world, but an important scientific research center, too.  Various biotechnological and medical research activities are going here. Scientific spies are cunning and always hunting for their results, therefore, the protection must be highly adaptive and innovative.

Hospitals. A doctor’s work quite often needs as much precision as a jeweler’s. That’s why they don’t need to be disturbed. We offer you 24-hour monitoring and trained guards to ensure a strict order in such important a place.